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  初黎報到,如果你居住嘅地方係屬於Woking, 不妨睇一睇以下嘅資訊。 Council website Recycling and rubbish 處理一啲大型廢物,例如紙皮箱 Library 登記圖書館服務 Schools and Education Transportation Train to London   Woking to London Waterloo station (around 35 mins) Bus Bus route map:  Surrey bus route:   Bus Timetable Activities  Country Park Church Chinese Congreg


準備租屋 Look 1 Look 唔同地區的大概租金價位 Overcrowded Rule 隔山租屋 隔山租屋?隔山買屋? 英國租屋同香港有咩分別? 過五關斬六將 準備一到埗就入住新屋 睇屋會留意啲咩?又會問agent 啲咩呢? 租屋上集 租屋下集 租屋小總結 收樓會做d 咩?