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  初黎報到,如果你居住嘅地方係屬於Maidenhead, 不妨睇一睇以下嘅資訊。 Council Council Tax   Advantage Card (Free entry to Windsor Castle) Recycling and rubbish 呢度垃圾分類有黑色(普通垃圾),藍色(可回收),啡色(Garden Waste),同埋 food waste.   About Garden Waste   Library   Schools and Education   School admissions : Contact details  Email: Telephone: 01628 683870 Guide to In-year admission   Church St Mary's Church, Maidenhead   St Peter's C


  初黎報到,如果你居住嘅地方係屬於Bracknell, 不妨睇一睇以下嘅資訊。 Council website   Recycling and rubbish 呢度垃圾分類有綠色(普通垃圾),藍色(可回收),啡色(花園垃圾),同埋 food waste.   回收小冊子   Check 返 幾時收垃圾   處理一啲大型廢物,例如紙皮箱   Library 登記圖書館服務   Schools and Education   Transportation Train to London   Bracknell to London Waterloo station (around 1 hour 10 mins) Bus   Bus Route Activities  The Look Out Discovery Centre https://ww


  初黎報到,如果你居住嘅地方係屬於Wokingham, 不妨睇一睇以下嘅資訊。 Council website   Information for new residents 呢個council 好好咁整咗一個page幫一啲新來呢度地方嘅人,內容包括倒垃圾啊,點樣交council. Tax 啊,投票呀讀書呀同埋圖書館服務。 Local support hub Healthcare information Recycling and rubbish 呢度垃圾分類有藍色(普通垃圾),綠色(可回收),啡色(花園垃圾),同埋 food waste. 回收小冊子   Check 返 幾時收垃圾   處理一啲大型廢物,例如紙皮箱   Library 登記圖書館服務